Don’t leave your family confused, 
stressed and unable to make clear decisions:
choose to PRE-PLAN today.

Pre-planning is practical, simple and affordable but most of all it helps your family get through a very difficult time. By taking the time to choose the best cremation or funeral arrangements – with the least amount of stress – you will relieve your family of the burden at an emotional time and of the task of second-guessing what you would have wanted.

Contact us and we will answer your questions (with no obligation) and give you a broader picture of what we offer.


Estate Planning Seminars

Informing you on those tough choices

By attending one of our FREE local Estate Planning Seminars, you will have an opportunity to learn what’s involved in preparing your final wishes.

  • You will meet our Pre-Planning Specialist/s and they will answer all those difficult questions that no one else wants to.
  • You will gain plenty of expert advice on what needs to be covered and how to cover it.
  • All presented with decorum, compassion and tact but none of the fluffy stuff that just fills space.

Pre-plan with us…

for as low as 
$46.00 per month

When you pre-plan your final arrangements, you lock in today’s prices and avoid inflation on the services and merchandise provided by Alternatives.

This is a true gift to your family.

By pre-planning you will save family and friends from much of the urgent stress involved, and they won’t need to hastily second guess what you may have wanted.


Is this plan right for me?

How does it work?

How much does it cost?

We would love to answer all of your questions, just contact us  to get started… right now!

Making informed decisions about:

  • Funeral Arrangements
  • Preparing your Will
  • Final Documents
  • Travel Protection
  • Identity Theft
  • and much more at our Estate Seminars

Our Clients

Families are taking care of business at a younger and younger age.  From the mature children of elderly moms and dads to the grandparents themselves, people are taking care that the family comes first and making their family’s wishes of paramount importance.


Making plans for yourself means you have time to explore the many unique and personalized options that Alternatives provides.


At the appointment we will provide you with a complimentary Advanced Planning Form plus a Wishes and Memories Guide to help organize your information.

On Pre-planning

Pre-planning – perhaps years in advance – is a decision being made by a lot of people these days.

You begin the pre-planning process, most often, as a part of thinking about your Will and the plans for your estate.  You will discover that this entire exercise provides the opportunity to truly explore what you actually want to happen.

Pre-payment Is A Choice

It is often thought that a funeral has to be pre-paid if prearranged.  Pre-payment for the services is a choice – an option available to anyone who wishes.

Prepayment of your arrangements is a financially sound idea which allows you to purchase for the future at today’s prices.  It is something that should be seriously considered.