The Life Planners are authorized distributors for the Peacehold Estate Documentation product.

Peacehold is the pioneer in after-care estate document preparation services. Their associates assist in the accurate and timely processing of necessary forms and documents required for your estate, maximizing government and corporate benefits after your death.

When Peacehold is notified of your death, a Peacehold associate is immediately assigned to assist your next of kin. These associates are specialists, trained to provide compassionate service at a difficult time in a family’s life.

How it Works

A Peacehold associate will call your family representative (“representative’) at a pre-determined day and time to collect the details. Once their associate has all of the particulars, processing begins immediately. All the required documents are mailed to your representative ready for signature, with enclosed pre-addressed/stamped envelopes.

Should there be any questions when the package is received, your Peacehold associate will be pleased to guide your representative through the process. Then, all that is left for your representative to do is sign the documents where indicated, enclose the required certificates and drop the envelopes in the mail.


Peacehold your professional after-care document specialist. For each family, their associate reviews over 220 documents, and chooses only those which are necessary and relevant to your situation.

Once they have received the required information, Peacehold’s associate contacts all of the appropriate organizations, ensuring that notifications and correct applications are made in a timely manner.

This professional assistance offered by Peacehold’s knowledgeable and compassionate specialists eliminates a high level of stress and burden from your family’s shoulders.