Final Expense Pre-Planning with Alternatives

 How we help...

  • we talk to you about your preferences concerning cremation, celebration of life, memorial or funeral plans,
  • provide clear, straight forward information on all options that are available through your plan plus, 
  • provide an easy to complete and easy to follow pre-planning booklet for documenting the type of cremation/funeral or celebration of life/ceremony, and any special final wishes


Flexible Payment Options

There are flexible payment options to meet your needs. The death benefit of a pre-need plan grows over time to help offset incidental expenses. The pre-need plan allows policy holders to pre-fund cremation or funeral services by making one single payment or spreading payments out over a one, three, five, or ten-year period.


If you relocate to a new area, your pre-need plan transfers with you. Pre-need plan funds are tax-exempt and creditor protected by law.  Contact Us


What is Pre-Planning

 Many people choose to make cremation or funeral arrangements prior to their death. These arrangements are commonly referred to as funeral pre-planning, pre-arranging, pre-need, or dedicated funeral fund.

Offers Peace of Mind

Funeral pre-planning offers peace of mind - knowing that your wishes will be respected and that your family has fewer burdens during their time of grief.

Others find that by pre-funding their cremation, celebration of life/funeral and burial expenses, any additional life insurance they already have purchased may be used for its original purpose and not for funeral expenses..