Value Added Benefits:

Travel Plan

When making your pre-arrangements, you may wish to opt in to the Alternatives™ Worldwide Travel Assistance Plan, which takes care of all the details and expenses, should a death occur anywhere in the world (100 kilometers or more away from your primary residence). The process of returning a loved one back home is as simple as calling a toll-free phone number.

Identity Theft

In the event that your passport, driver’s license, or other important identity documents are stolen, or if you suspect a fraudulent use of your identity for credit, Identity Theft Restoration (ITR) will provide you full restoration services. This additional service is effective when your Final Documents Service plan certificate has been issued to you.

Final Documents Service

We are authorized distributors for the Peacehold Estate Documentation product.

Peacehold is the pioneer in after-care estate document preparation services. Their associates assist in the accurate and timely processing of necessary forms and documents required for your estate, maximizing government and corporate benefits after your death.